Kokkie B. Mahinay

“Don’t rush. Do not look at others and worry, your journey is different. Every masterpiece takes time. And you definitely are one. Allow every stroke to take its course for you are indeed a work of art.” —excerpt Kokkie B. Mahinay, an incoming 19-year-old lass from San Carlos City, Negros Occidental, is a freshman Accountancy …

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A Destined Queen

She was like refined silk, gorgeously gliding in the night as her body walked like she was offered the world. And truthfully, victory for her was a picture she did not expect as it was one of the many moments she will never forget. Despite the tough competition, one lady made it through the hindrances …

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His Comeback for Glory

His eyes adjust to the blinding spotlight like the sudden approach of an early morning sun and saw contrast of darkness against it. Fixed luminous points glow to his direction, dancing and cheering everytime he enters the stage as if they are one with him. He convinced himself that those aren’t stars but the entire …

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