Selective Empathy

Lying on my bed while holding my cellular phone, it was a typical lazing around day for me. I scrolled through my most-used social media platform, hoping to find fresh memes I could laugh about. Yes, I found some but I noticed something that really bugged my tranquility at that time.

My news feed, as clean as I would’ve liked them to be, was filled with posts about a certain ruckus going on in a certain Filipino reality show. The storyline is quite simple yet said to be complex. It involved a male and a female teenagers developing feelings for each other during their stay at a televised house while the girl still has a lover from the “outside world”.

As this issue spread like a wildfire, the people’s reactions and opinions were also spilled like a water dam. Comments were everywhere. Posts were getting out of hand. Thoughts were shared, some were contradicted.

The people, as stubborn and apathetic as they are, were being brought together into one arena only to duel about an issue that doesn’t need brainstorming. People are attracted to a certain illusion that the society is just facing dilemmas about finding the right love at the wrong time when in reality, we’ve just lost our love in wasting our time on things that are no-brainer.

People’s sentiments are automatic when it comes to things they only feel strongly about and not on things that they should think strongly about. We are locked in a room full of distractions that help us forget to come out of that cage and solve our way through our society’s realest and biggest problems.

I cannot blame the populace. They run from problems that they couldn’t fix overnight and go for dilemmas too petty that they think they could repair with just one intervention. I guess human beings are just like that. They find shortcuts or better yet, entertainment.

But too much shortcuts would only bring unsolved and left-out real societal problems and before we know it, apathy is already thriving within us.

Philippines has many problems big enough for the people to see and feel but they just chose not to. As of 2018, Philippines has one of the ‘fastest growing’ HIV epidemics in the world. On that note, 32 Filipinos are diagnosed of HIV/AIDS every single day. Again, every single day.

Also, when it comes to the revision of our Federal Constitution, which is on its 2nd reading already, some of it include the removal of term limits for members of Congress which technically gives the Representatives freedom to still run for the Congress for God-knows-how-many terms. There’s also the lack of an anti-political dynasty provision in the draft of the Federal Constitution which gives the “prominent” families relief because then, they’d be able to pass down the political reputation they have.

In our fast-growing world, people oversee the whole picture of the place we live in as they are focusing on certain conditions they want to discuss, not on things that they should discuss.

If we could be a little informed, a little immersed, a little empathetic to every single thing that could help our motherland, then the future is something we could look forward to instead of being afraid of it.


November 5-December 7, 2018