Promoting the Green

While this academic year has defined countless of activities to enrich student life in Negros Oriental State University (NORSU), we cannot deny how much solid waste is left after these events take place. For some, it probably is a petty issue, but it actually contributes to the increasing deterioration of mother nature.
In our day to day lives, we pass by streets filled with unwanted garbage of quite a variety— single used plastic bags, plastic straw, food wrappers, and even other disposable materials. Some households disregard these, some don’t. But for those homes who want to get rid of their waste, most of the time, resort to incineration because they have no time to segregate their waste properly.
Is this a kind of world we wish to live in? What if we are switched into a parallel world? And in that world, nature is now the one who is busy which is why she disregards our needs? Can we even imagine that? Perhaps, no.
Just like how we want to promote the growth in our homes, we should also start our prime steps in school. In school, we make friends in our classes, or whenever we join student organizations. It is where connections are being made, especially with outside parties who could potentially support any cause or goal we propose. This is why, aside from installing green purposes at home, we should also propagate a green start at school.
In NORSU, the improper segregation of solid waste is quite visible. Behind the Science and Technology (ST) is where garbage gets dumped. As a student of the institution, it is quite a disappointment since this concern has been raised during the previous years, but still hasn’t been given actions to. Can you imagine attending classes, and as you gaze towards the window to your side, instead of seeing a nicely plotted garden, you witness a horribly dumped variety of garbage.
Also, whenever there are heavy rains, the university easily floods up due to the poorly constructed drainage system. This causes the water brought by heavy rain to stagnate and cause difficulties to those who are in a hurry, or to those who just simply want to pass by. This has been an issue brought up by students’ and the Buildings and Grounds, but still, the university has not provided specific budget for its reconstruction.
Anoher issue which seems to be out of the students’ range is the returning of the plates they use in the canteen and the throwing of garbage in its proper place. Students just rely on the workers assigned in the canteen to get the plates they’ve used and leave their plastic wares wherever they please. While there are a few students and staff who care about the cleanliness and climate change, they are still overpowered by the countless individuals who could only care less.
Further, I fervently hope that this may serve as a lesson not only to Norsunians, but to all citizens in the country as well. As long as our students do not realize that tree-planting shouldn’t be done only for compliance, only then we could make a genuine difference in our nation.
(Association of Young Environment Journalists)

By Donna T. Darantinao


AGOSTO 27-31, 2018