NORSU produces 48 geologists

Geology Licensure Examination (GLE)’s November result increased by 22.19 percent compared to last year’s result with a passing rate of 37.50, recording 48 new licensed geologists.

Out of 128 Norsunian takers, 48 passed the examination consisting of 35 first-timers and 13 repeaters.

Delilah Ablong, Geology Department Head, shared her sentiment about the result of the board exam, “This year’s result is because of the cooperation of the teachers and the students who strived [for] quality education.”

Moreover, Ablong is thankful towards the faculty members that despite they are part-time instructors and were paid less than what they ought to have, they rendered fulltime services.

Joshua Bungcasan, a board passer, shared, “When I found out nga naa nay results, wala dayun nako gi open ang list. Nag-pray pa ko una then pag scroll nako kay naka shagit kos kalipay pagkita nako sa name nako. I was overwhelmed with joy.”

However, Bungcasan somehow regretted he did not change one of his answers for he knew right after viewing the top ten lists of passers that he is very close to being one of the top.

“I was 0.1 short para maapil sa top ten, 82.7 akoa score then ang top 10 kay 82.8… naka-realize ko nga one correct answer nalang maapil nako sa top 10,” he stressed.

Ablong also left a challenge to the next batch of takers by saying, “I have always encouraged them that we get 100% as much as possible, but I know that not many of them would strive to aim high. I’m just hoping the performance of this next batch would surpass the performance of this year’s batch.”

To note, this year’s NORSU overall performance in GLE is still below the national passing rate with a percentage of 58.99. (JJ UMBINA)


November 5-December 7, 2018