Lisod dagay

Throwing garbage seems easy and I think segregating it properly might not be that of a burden, too. But why is it that whenever I pass by garbage containers inside the campus (or even across the city), plastic and paper always seem to be much of a pair?
Even though these garbage receptacles have signs indicating the specified trash to be placed in – biodegradable, non-biodegradable, and hazardous – these still get disobeyed. Other signs even have vernacular translations for everyone to understand, but this simple task is not realized (and if it is, with little to no progress). And to think that you need not a dictionary to comprehend these words, there is still improper disposal of waste. Through this, it is merely an evidence that one cannot understand simple instructions and follow plain orders. Haven’t you thought of that?
“As long as we throw it in the garbage bins, then what’s the deal?” you might persist. Well, that is good rather than throwing it under the tree, but on the other hand, it just shows the lack of discipline and understanding. It is obvious that by simply not throwing the garbage to where it is supposed to be is quite a display of the incapacity to control yourself.
It is a very dismaying fact that we can see bins intended for biodegradables having plastic bottles and cups inside. This is a representation that the students (and some staff members) having been learning inside the walls of the university but have not used the knowledge well. We are very careful in following our teachers’ instructions, yet we cannot abide to simple waste segregation?
Segregating garbage is easy and is very beneficial to the environment. By disposing our waste properly, we can give a helping hand to nature, to the garbage collectors, and promote our health safety. It may be a simple deed, but it can create great impact to the condition of the environment that is rapidly declining.
We are students who have already acquired the basics in following instructions. We already possess the ability to understand and comprehend. May we use these abilities to abide this simple instruction of segregating our waste properly by placing our trash to the proper containers.
Let us take part in saving the environment. Let us lend our hand and be the instruments of change. This is plain and simple, and I know that we can do it. Throwing our trash properly will not cost us that much of energy, but it can give a positive effect to the environment. We should instill discipline within ourselves and show that we are educated. Discipline yourself and be a catalyst of change for the welfare of the world.

By Alvoro Van Patten Valencia


SEPTEMBER 3-28, 2018