Kokkie B. Mahinay

“Don’t rush. Do not look at others and worry, your journey is different. Every masterpiece takes time. And you definitely are one. Allow every stroke to take its course for you are indeed a work of art.” —excerpt

Kokkie B. Mahinay, an incoming 19-year-old lass from San Carlos City, Negros Occidental, is a freshman Accountancy student and the eldest brood among her family, and the only one among the family having a physical disability.

“I don’t know much about my condition aside from remembering what the doctor say, nga ipa-cut daw akong right foot for a reason, young minds tend to forget. Only my mother knew much about my condition and she refused the idea of cutting my right foot. After that, we never went to any other check-up kay pareho ra man ang result,” she said as a vague memory flashed before her eyes.

People, even the young ones, looked at her with eyes plumped with judgement and disgust, like an alien, but she never backed down and let their thoughts wreck her. After all, we are equal in the eyes of God.

Elementary days, when all we cared about is playing— and even at an early stage, bullying. Bullying may perhaps have become the trend these days but letting yourself become inferior is not Kokkie.

“Never kong nihilak just because gisungog ko, since never nako na feel na di ko normal. And maybe I am a bully sad siguro, sa una, back when I was in elementary kay tanan suklan nako [bullies]. I don’t know why, wa ra koy kahadlok,” said Kokkie.

Humans, in our very own way, will always strive to be perfect. Well, almost close to being perfect. How much more with the people who are physically disable like Kokkie? But then, a person is not measured by his or her ability to do things.

She graduated as the valedictorian in her elementary years and received a scholarship giving her the privilege to study in Colegio de Sto. Tomas – Recoletos (CST-R). She spent her six years, junior and senior high, and graduated with high honors.

“Well, I am always incomplete physically, emotionally, and spiritually. But then I don’t have to worry because I feel the presence of God. He’s always there to fill me in, to make me feel complete. And I never blamed him sad why I am like this because daghan man sad mi,” she shared.

Kokkie was never a stranger in wishing things were different. There are unlimited what if’s and if only’s swarming inside her mind.

‘If only I am physically able, I could’ve done a lot of things, especially sports like football, taekwondo, and dancing’, but self-acceptance is a pivot step in becoming more than what she is now— accepting the fact that she has her own limitations.

And the thought that there will always be people who’ve been much worse than what she has been through, is enough to keep her to always look forward.

Now that she’s in college, living miles away from her family, she now feels the really hard struggles of life, but she believes that this will help her grow and handle these things with care.

She never wanted to change herself because her condition is a reminder of God’s gift to her.

“I am an art,” she said.

She is indeed an art molded by the delicate hands of the Father, a masterpiece painted through the flawless stroke of brush of the Almighty Father.

Written by Princess S. Farole


November 5-December 7, 2018