Junkie Wannabe

Each one of us constantly craves for food. We all have that in common and that is just completely human nature. Moreover, we resort to food – all types of it, mostly junk food – when we are hungry, when it is time to eat or even when we are stressed-out.

With that being said, the latter has been the most defining issue among students these days. Especially when quarterly assessments wave in. It is hard to deny the fact that in this fast-paced world, we are constantly searching for the quickest solution to this problem, Dr. Torres from Deakin University said.

Truth be told, we all have been in this stage of our lives. Chips and cracklings gave the crunch of motivation to study harder amidst the stress we face. However, Dr. Torres also elaborated how stress contributes to the manifestation of chronic and mental health diseases during stressing times.

For the many, it is like a resort wherein we submit to the fleeting motivation it gives whenever we are bombarded with tons of lessons to memorize and to internalize. We forget how it is comprised low of the nutrients our bodies need. A handful may even forget to eat or skip meals just because they think they are already satiated. This is like digging yourself into a hole— a false move that worsens over time.

Dr. Torres also added how our bodies respond to stressful situations.

“When we’ve stressed our bodies release hormones like adrenaline, which raises blood pressure. If this is a regular occurrence over the long-term, it can result in hypertension which is then a risk for future cardiovascular disease,” he said.

The bottom line to this is that it’s not good to consume just any food especially the junk ones whenever faced in a stressful situation. Think before you purchase or even swallow another bite and is it worth the risk?

Nonetheless, you can ace the exams still if you eat the right kind of food. Laban lang!

(With information from https://this.deakin.edu.au/self-improvement/eat-unhealthy-food-youre-stressed)


November 5-December 7, 2018