Is Duma still safe?

Dumaguete City is dubbed as the City of Gentle People. Through the years, it has shown great progress – from the new buildings that have been built, the growing number of tourists visiting, and the unique delicacies – and is now popular not only to the locals but also to foreign people.
Certainly that with progress, there would also be problems that come with it— the everyday traffic jam brought by the on-going reconstruction of new Banica bridge and the growing number of cars, trucks, tricycles, and motorcycles, the continuing irresponsible disposal of waste, the drastic water and air pollution, and most especially, the alarming growth of crime rates.
As I walk my way to NORSU along the pavements of the busy streets of Dumaguete City, I asked myself this question, “Is Dumaguete City still safe?”
On the previous year, 2017, it was reported that crime in Dumaguete dropped compared to 2016. However, this year, there were reported shooting incidents around the city— one of these is the shooting of the local radio broadcaster, Edmund Sestoso, and some of the shooting cases are still unresolved.
Earlier this year, a shooting incident had happened in one of the barangays within the city of where an alleged drug pusher was shot dead early in the morning and the perpetrators were still on the loose. Same fate had happened to a businessman who had received at least three gunshot wounds, though the crime scene had been recorded by a Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), the footage is in low quality so it is frankly at par to being useless.
Another incident had happened beside Negros Oriental University (NORSU) Dumaguete campus I, along Cervantes Street, where the victim sustained multiple gunshot wounds.
Can we still safely enjoy the food sold along the Rizal Boulevard and not fear for our lives thinking that there may be someone who would surprisingly aim and fire his or her guns at us? Can we still walk our way to different establishments in Dumaguete without fearing for our safety? Can girls still walk outside without the fear of getting raped or harassed?
It has been claimed that Dumaguete City is still safe and a good place to settle in, to unwind and to discover yet the number of cri mes still arise fear for other people.
Yes, the numbers have dropped but why are some people scared of their safety? Surely, that alone speaks of something.
In my own point of view, Dumaguete, still, is a safe place, a haven for Dumagueteños, and a good place to start a business for aspiring and veteran businessmen. We should trust our police to do their job while us, civilians, must do our own part, too. We should be vigilant, keep our guards up because our safety primarily depends on us.
If you witnessed a crime, then help give justice to both the victim and the perpetrator.

By Princess Farole


SEPTEMBER 3-28, 2018