A Destined Queen

She was like refined silk, gorgeously gliding in the night as her body walked like she was offered the world. And truthfully, victory for her was a picture she did not expect as it was one of the many moments she will never forget.

Despite the tough competition, one lady made it through the hindrances she encountered. One woman endured the pain from head to toe and gave her best shot making her more than worthy of triumph.

The roaring crowd filled the entire place as supporters of different candidates raised their banners in hopes of victory. Although she has felt the intense support from her college, her throbbing heart still paced along with the cheers.

Hailing from Cadawinonan, Dumaguete City is a fine lady of nineteen born on February 2, 1999 and second among four children, Christine Anne Embalsado Gabucan seized the crown as Miss Negros Oriental State University 2019 as if it were destined to be hers.

Christine spent her elementary years in West City Elementary School, her junior high in Negros Oriental High School, and senior high at Foundation Preparatory Academy. She is currently a freshman Bachelor or Science in Nursing student.

Through a bumpy ride

The road to the crown was not smooth. Challenges ranged from financial to even academic difficulties. But although it was a steep track, she remained steadfast because of the flaming support of her family and friends.

“I was not really planning to join,” she said as she remembered her Mister and Miss CNPAHS moments in a light atmosphere. But because of the encouragements of her teachers and friends, she gave it a shot.

“I just need to give it a try. Kausa ra ni,” she firmly convinced herself.

But in a world like ours, she became the dessert for most tattlers, especially those who did not believe in her. “Ang struggle pa jud ato kay akong height. 5’2 ra man ko,” she said in melancholy. Although the standard of the pageant was exactly 5’2, it still did not rescue her from discrimination.

Faced in a tougher scenario, Christine’s parents separated years ago and together with her three siblings, they were under the care of his grandmother and uncle. Her mother, because of the need for greener pastures, went abroad to support them.

It was a pain in her heart joining competitions where the support of her own family was all that she needed. Yet her mom, who was thousands of miles away, still showed her passionate support for her daughter in all means possible. Her father, on the other hand did not show any support; but, Christine believed that he would be proud of her.

Not a newbie in the world of pageantry, she has competed in several pageants. She was crowned as Miss Tayasan 2018 and a Festival Queen in a particular barangay in Tanjay. But despite the experiences in the world of pageantry, Christine believes that it is her faith and trust in God that made and will make her worthy of every crown she has and will receive.

With her fervent vision in transforming Norsunians to become morally upright, her advocacy “Optimizing moral responsibilities for better NORSU”, has fueled her more to definitely seize the crown.

She was awarded Best in Production Number, Best in ASEAN Costume, Best Speaker, Best in Formal Wear, and finally, she was crowned Miss Negros Oriental State University (System) 2019 along with her partner who won Mister NORSU 2019, marking another reign from the Dumaguete campuses.

But alongside the sacrifices and struggles she has encountered, it is her genuine personality that lead her to triumph. It was showcasing who and what she is, without sugar-coating, all throughout the entire pageant, from the preparation to coronation, that composed and formulated her to be the queen.

By Alvord Van Patten Valencia


November 5-December 7, 2018