NORSU 100% in NLE, 83% in PLE

Consecutively passing the Nursing Licensure Examination (NLE) with a 100% school performance passing rate, Negros Oriental State University has once again produced two new nurses in the profession as released on June 17.

 Full-time parent Kathyrence Patinga-Academia and exam repeater Ethel Elaine Sibala Carampatan were two of the 6,183 board passers out of 14,814 takers from all over the country.

 The first time I took the exam was heartbreaking because I found out that I was the only one who did not pass among my classmates.” Carampatan said.

Nevertheless, with the support of her parents and friends, she decided to review and work harder to top and pass the board exam. She also mentioned she forgot her calculator on the examination day and did the calculations manually.

“To be one of the 6,183 passers of the NLE is a stepping stone to my journey in my career.” Carampatan told TN.

Meanwhile, Academia, a mother of one, found it hard to manage both her studies and being a parent. “The best preparation I had kay basta lang gud magtuon unlike other students who find it easy to study,” she stated.

She also said that when she got the result she was so happy, she said, “pray ra gyud because if you do things without the help of God wala gyud mahitabo.”

In addition, the College of Nursing, Pharmacy and Allied Health Sciences (CNPAHS) also produced 15 newly registered pharmacists as PRC released on June 14.

New professionals include Arfil Alama, Hana Mae S. Alejado, Ivy Mae Y. Antabo, Lurielle Shanan J. Balneg, Cyrus Van M. Cancio, Germelyn R. Elnar, Zoe Mnemosyner R. Ferrer, Erik Jane A. Garvez, Sanfred T. Germundo III, Princess Chelsea A. Palabrica, Lauren Gayle M. Ramacho, Dulce R. Reyes, Lina Zandara Z. Tamse, Ariel Nico A. Villariza.

1,406 passed out of 2,784 Pharmacy Licensure examinees where NORSU garnered a passing rate of 83.33%.

By: Francesca Nicole Divinagracia

The NORSUnian Vol XXXIV Issue 5

July 4 -8, 2016