Honest Norsunians return money

Two Norsunians turned over a lost 1000 peso bill to the Student Affairs Services (SAS) Office found at the College of Industrial Technology (CIT) court on June 28.

Melody Caldanus and Hazel Eugalca, both Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology (BSIT) students, said they found the money on the ground of the CIT court at the back of the university canteen.

Instead of keeping the bill for good, Caldanus and Eugalca surrendered it to the SAS Office.

Owner of the money Apple Jen Caraca, also a BSIT student, felt relieved when she learned someone found and turned it over to the office. The cash was supposed to be an additional payment for her tuition given by her mother.

“Overwhelmed kaayo ko kay naa pa jud diay tawo nga honest, og wala pa to nila giuli patay jud ko sa akong mama,” Caraca said.

Moreover, there are still several returned items to SAS Office but still were unclaimed by owners. Most of these items include mobile phones, wallets, pouches, and paper bills.

Student Affairs Services (SAS) Director Julio Ventolero planned to exclusive only to Norsunians who proved their honesty.

Furthermore, these honest students can be acknowledge through TN publication said the USMO Director Mrs. Rosalinda Abellion.

By: Mary Noreen Erojo

The NORSUnian Vol XXXIV Issue 6

July 11 – 15, 2016