Accy dept hails 2 passers

After the success of two new Norsunians Certified Public Accountants (CPA), May Ann Caroro, acting chairperson of accountancy program of NORSU, acclaimed their success and imparted her insight on their struggle.

According to a post from the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC), Maria Jonamie Limatoc and Janneth Filipinas are the newly registered accountants from NORSU. “All I can enthusiastically say about them passing is that welcome to the profession,” Caroro, in an interview, said.

The May 2016 CPALE registered 2, 967 passers out of 6, 925 examinees nationwide, marking a 42.8 percent national passing rate, whereas NORSU recorded 40 percent with the two repeaters ultimately beating the examination.

“Well, the two passers are both my batch mates,” Caroro narrated. “We started accountancy here in NORSU so I know them well but not to the point I know everything ’bout their personal struggles. I think their struggles are the changes in the CPALE,” she continued.

Furthermore, Caroro articulated, “It’s quite good performance that there are two out of five who made it to the profession despite sa naa mga changes sa syllabus sa subjects sa CPAL and especially the BOA [Board of Accountancy] trying to set the standards higher than before.”

When asked about her status in the Accountancy Department, the acting chairperson cited, “Actually, there was no formal approved letter whether I’m the Acting Dept. Chair but I know for sure that I am not the Department Chair. I’m actually taking care of the activities of the Accountancy as what is being instructed to me.”

Caroro opined the multiple changes Accountancy program of NORSU needs so that it can be improved. She only intends to adapt and conform the changes brought upon the Accountancy program expanding its criteria.

The CPALE May 2016 result was publicized by the PRC last May 23, after the Board of Accountancy administered the examination on the same month.

By: Kenneth Carlorio Surilla

The NORSUnian Vol XXXIV Issue 3

June 20 – 24, 2016